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Dear Friends and Partners,


As we kick off a new school year, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on our recent endeavors here at FCCS, share our aspirations, and highlight the path we're charting for the future.


First,  I'm thrilled by the success of our July Board Retreat.  The collaborative atmosphere reinforced our commitment to excellence and served as a reminder of the profound impact we can make when we come together with a shared vision. I am grateful to our Board Members who contributed to the dynamic discussions.


As we set our sights on the new school year, the challenges of the past have fueled our determination to drive positive change and ensure every student receives a quality education regardless of their background or circumstances. Our dedication is unwavering, and we are poised to leverage the next legislative session by proposing or supporting policies that advocate for funding equity, diversity in authorization, and heightened accountability - especially from our policymakers and stakeholders. These priorities will serve as the cornerstones of our efforts, to shape an educational landscape that truly reflects our mission to ensure Black and Brown families have more high-quality educational options, including greater access to charter schools.


I am delighted to share that our team is expanding with the addition of a new Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE) Policy Fellow. Their expertise and fresh perspectives will undoubtedly invigorate our initiatives and support our monthly policy forums.


Moreover, we continue to build strategic partnerships with organizations

in Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and California.

Collaborating with these dynamic partners will magnify our collective

impact, enabling us to reach more communities, share best practices,

and create a ripple effect of positive change. Together, we will pave the

way for innovation, growth, and transformation in education.


When we support Black and Brown-led charter schools and parents are able

to exercise their right to choose the school that works for their families, we

break down barriers that have long hindered the progress of marginalized

families. Join us in the #FightToChoose schools by us and for us! Check out

our digital campaign resources and get involved today! 


Our combined efforts have the power to reshape the future of education,

and I am honored to stand alongside each and every one of you as we work

towards our shared goal.


Thank you for your unwavering support.



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