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Dear Friends and Partners, 


Real education issues are being overshadowed by political partisanship. Culture wars among the fringes are co-opting our tv screens and social media feeds. One of today’s biggest fights is over who will own the narrative of parents rights. But let’s be clear, this battle is a distraction getting us absolutely nowhere.


These disparate education agendas, largely based on politics and defined by geography, ultimately dictate the education our students receive. Is this what we really want for our kids? 


This work is personal to me, you and parents across the country. Those of us who refuse to be defined by partisan politics - the radical middle - can and must take back the education narrative. How do we do this? 


We expect our children will receive personalized learning experiences that respect their

identity and culture. And we expect for them to receive a well-rounded education

taught by teachers prepared to meet the realities of post-pandemic learning. Learning

continues over the summer, and we’ve rounded up a few summer enrichment programs here.


In celebration of National Charter Schools week, we captured your stories - those who lead,

attend and support our charter schools. By sharing your stories, you help set the record

straight: charter schools ensure Black and Brown communities have the right to choose and

create public schools that work for them. Get inspired by videos from our communities here! 


And a special shout out to educators and families from Utopian Academy for the Arts in

Ellenwood, GA who shared why they love their charter school. Check out their stories here! 


Let’s go!




FCCS Board Member, Cris Gulacy-Worrel, testifying in support of policies that prioritize a whole student approach!


FCCS Board Member Dr. Steve Perry hosted Yass 

Prize founder at Capital Prep Schools in Bridgeport, CT.


FCCS stood in solidarity as hundreds gathered to "Wrap the Capitol," an event hosted by our partner Faith Acts in CT, to support equitable educational opportunities for all.

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