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We will set the conversation straight about the growing impact charter schools are having in communities across the country.

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The Freedom Coalition for Charter Schools (FCCS) promotes public charter schools and chartering policies to advance and protect the right of self-determination for communities of color. Established in 2019, FCCS is a growing nationwide coalition of Black and Brown charter school leaders working together to build power in communities across the country to correct the narrative: public charter schools are working for Black and Brown families who deserve better education choices. We organize communities to take local, state and national actions that boldly advocate for public charter schools and advance every student’s civil right to a great public education.



Our Vision

FCCS envisions an inclusive America in which the self-determination of Black and Brown families is realized, respected, and prioritized so that every parent has the right to choose the best school for their child and every child has access to exceptional educational options, including high-quality public charter schools, developed and led by Black and Brown leaders to improve our most underserved communities.

Our Mission

FCCS is a non-partisan non-profit organization that promotes the advancement and protection of quality public school options for Black and Brown people. The coalition boldly advocates for quality public school options, including charter schools.  



Our Priorities

Low-performing public schools historically exist in Black and Brown communities. And yet one of the most concrete ways to break the cycle of poverty and change life outcomes for generations of families - is access to a great education.


Public charter schools provide a lifeline to families. Our goal is to expand access to quality public school options, including charter schools, in our neighborhoods by the people most invested in our communities.


Our policy priorities include:

  • Equitable Funding: Closing the funding gap for charter schools in Wisconsin. Fighting for equitable facilities funding in Illinois.

  • Authorizing Diversity: Engaging in campaigns to diversify the authorizing pipeline through legislation in Indiana, Illinois and Georgia.

  • Teacher Diversity: Increasing teacher tax incentives and alternative certifications avenues for BIPOC teachers in New York and Pennsylvania.

Where We Work

We are working with partners nationally as well as on the ground in 10 key regions, including:

Los Angeles, California

Bridgeport, CT

Atlanta, Georgia

San Antonio, TX

Indianapolis, IN

New York City, New York

Columbus, Ohio

Philadelphia, PA

Nashville, TN

Milwaukee WI

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