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Dear Friends and Partners,


We are in an education crisis and all options to quality public schools should be made available, but too often good schools do not exist in marginalized communities. Charter schools offer Black and Brown families access to great schools and a beacon of hope. 


FCCS was formed not as a replacement strategy for existing efforts, but as a call to action and a commitment to advocate fervently on behalf of Black and Brown charter school leaders, founders, and families in our communities. We believe in the notion that rising tides lift all boats and that collaboration is essential for creating positive and lasting change that benefits our students and communities. We prioritize working in coalition with organizations and individuals who share our dedication to equity and opportunity for all. 


And we also recognize that there are urgent unmet needs in our communities for quality public schools, and we aim to fill that void by working in conjunction with you as partners to advance the cause of Black and Brown charter school leaders and families.


FCCS kicked off our Leaders and Lawmakers Luncheon series in Georgia

celebrating trailblazers who have made it their mission to fight for equity

in education. Several school leaders and lawmakers came together to

discuss today’s most pressing education issues and how they can work

together to create a more equitable and responsive public school system

that prioritizes the needs of all students, especially our Black and Brown

students. Check out more photos from the event here and here. Look out

for our Leaders and Lawmakers series coming to a city near you in the year ahead! 


We have witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by countless families across

the country who simply want their children to attend schools where they can

learn safely. Their voices deserve to be heard, valued, and placed at the forefront of our policy decisions. And FCCS believes that by joining forces with like-minded organizations in our key regions, we can achieve greater impact and promote positive change within the education community.


We joined education, non-profit and charter school leaders in Nashville, including Lizzette Gonzalez Reynolds, the 1st Hispanic American to lead TN’s Ed Department, and our partners at TennesseeCAN and Nashville Charter Collaborative, who share our passion for working together to make sure ALL kids have access to a great education of their choosing.


At the root of our work is fighting for families to have education access and choice. Parent choice embodies the fundamental principle of empowering families to select the public school education that aligns with their children’s unique needs and aspirations. 


The concept of giving parents the right to choose a suitable school for their children may seem like common sense, and indeed it is. This is not a political game but a deeply personal struggle for countless families who simply want their children to attend schools where they can learn safely and thrive. 


As a noisy political season heats up, we are urging our elected leaders in the Republican and Democratic Parties to place the power of public school choice in the hands of families and work together, across party lines, toward a more equitable education system that serves all of our children, regardless of their background. 


Join FCCS in urging Republican and Democratic elected leaders to prioritize empowering families with public school choice options. 


Together, we can reimagine public education for a brighter future.



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