Attention Lawmakers!

FCCS conducted a July 2024 poll that shows Black and Latino swing state voters sounding the alarm. Help us amplify the voices of voters and parents of color.

91% of voters say parents deserve the right to choose the public school that best meets their child’s individual needs.

Fight To Choose

Parents of color have spoken: a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for our children. Black and Brown-led charter schools are increasing quality public school options, especially for Black and Brown students. Ask your legislator to support the expansion of diverse public schools led by people of color!

Freedom Coalition for Charter Schools

FCCS is a non-partisan organization that advocates for equitable access to quality public school options for Black and Brown communities as the key driver of economic empowerment and educational advancement.

Tell Your Story

Celebrate and share inspiring stories from charter school parents, educators, and community members of color.
Charter schools are an issue of self-determination. Our families, our students, our community ought to have the right not only to choose schools, of which charter schools give them that option, but also the ability to create schools.
Dr. Howard Fuller,
Founder, FCCS
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Why Charter Schools?

Charter schools help close the achievement gap for students of color and students from low-income communities. See how many extra days of learning were provided by charter schools. 

Black Students' Reading Levels

37 Days

Black students gained an extra 37 days of learning in reading

Black Students' Math Levels

36 Days

Black students gained an extra 36 days of learning in math

Hispanic Students' Reading Levels

36 Days

Hispanic students gained an extra 36 days of learning in reading

Hispanic Students' Math Levels

30 Days

Hispanic students gained an extra 30 days of learning in math

Who Attends Charter Schools?

Charter schools serve more students of color. Nationally, more than 3.7 Million students attend roughly 7,800 charter schools. Nearly 70% of charter school students are Black or Brown.

Percentage of Students of Color
District Schools
Percentage of Students of Color
Charter Schools

Parents of Color Support Public School Options

Parents strongly agree they should have a choice in where their children go to school.

of Hispanic Parents
0 %
of Black Parents
0 %

FCCS in Action

FCCS is a growing coalition dedicated to increasing access to quality Black and Brown-led public schools in communities across the country.

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Priority Regions

FCCS is actively working in communities on the ground.

Areas of Interest

FCCS is exploring new school and partner relationships.

*Map only includes continental USA*

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