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Freedom Coalition 
For Charters

FCCS is a non-partisan organization that advocates for equitable access to quality public school options for Black and Brown communities as the key driver of economic empowerment and educational advancement.

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Our Vision

FCCS envisions an inclusive America in which the self-determination of Black and Brown families is realized, respected, and prioritized so that every parent has the right to choose the best school for their child and every child has access to exceptional educational options, including high-quality public charter schools, developed and led by Black and Brown leaders to improve our most underserved communities.

“Making sure parents have the right to choose the best public school for their children is just common sense. We stand for educational solutions, like charter schools, that uplift our Black and Brown communities. We want every child to have access to great public school options. Because we know one of the most concrete ways to break the cycle of poverty, provide economic mobility and change life outcomes for generations of families - is access to a great education.”

Jay Artis-Wright
Executive Director

Our Features

How We Do It


We believe in the power of collaboration and actively seek partnerships with organizations, educators, policymakers, and families to collectively advocate for change.

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