About FCCS

Theory Of Change

Low-performing schools historically exist in Black and Brown communities. And yet one of the most concrete ways to break the cycle of poverty and change life outcomes for generations of families is access to a great public education, regardless of zip code. FCCS advocates for equitable access to quality public school options for Black and Brown communities and sees education as the key driver of economic empowerment and educational advancement.


FCCS supports legislation to expand access to great charter schools led by Black and Brown leaders.


FCCS builds power in communities to take actions that protect every student’s civil right to a great public education.


FCCS educates elected leaders on the priorities that matter to Black and Brown parents and that improve outcomes in our communities.

How We Do It

We believe in the power of collaboration and actively seek partnerships with public schools, educators, policymakers, organizations, and families to collectively advocate for change.

We share research and data to identify educational disparities, develop evidence-based solutions, and monitor progress toward equitable access to quality public school options.

We prioritize engaging Black and Brown communities to understand their unique needs, amplify their voices, and ensure their active participation in shaping educational policies.

We advocate for policies at the local, state, and national levels that promote equitable funding, eliminate discriminatory practices, and support reimagined approaches to improve public school options.

We build the capacity of educators, parents, and community members to effectively advocate for quality public school options, providing training, resources, and support.

Policy Priorities

Equitable Funding

FCCS advocates for fair and equitable distribution of educational funding, ensuring that resources are allocated to schools in Black and Brown communities to address the historical underinvestment and provide equal opportunities for all students.

School Choice and Accessibility

FCCS promotes policies that expand access to quality public school options, including magnet programs, charter schools, and community schools, ensuring that families have a range of choices that meet their diverse needs.

Culturally Responsive Education

FCCS supports the development and implementation of culturally responsive and inclusive curricula, recognizing the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives and histories into the educational experience of Black and Brown students.

Accountability and Transparency

FCCS pushes for increased accountability and transparency in public schools, ensuring that educational outcomes are regularly monitored, disparities are identified and addressed, and families have access to comprehensive information about school performance.

FCCS Milestones

FCCS 2023 Wins

FCCS’s model, under the leadership of our Founder, Dr. Fuller, built coalitions to help achieve funding equity for WI students. 

Supported historic education investments and approval of two new charter schools in CT.

Honored Dr. Fuller’s 60 years of service at FCCS’s Annual Gala.

Joined the African American Charter School Coalition to hold Philadelphia School District accountable for fair, transparent, and equitable authorizing practices 

Introduced the Leaders and Lawmaker series to build relationships between lawmakers and school leaders. 

Launched two public awareness campaigns to amplify Black and Brown voices in support of education options. 

FCCS Challenges CSP

FCCS co-sponsored a national coalition of parents and advocates to challenge the Federal Charter School Program (CSP) funding regulations and helped successfully roll back harmful regulations.

FCCS Mobilizes

FCCS launched a targeted campaign, mobilizing hundreds of Black and Brown public school leaders, parents and students, to ensure the next U.S. Secretary of Education would be a leader of color to represent the voices of families nationally. We supported the nomination and appointment of Miguel Cardona to the role.

#SaveOurCharters National Campaign

Our #SaveOurCharters national campaign challenged the anti-charter narrative of Presidential candidates and was pivotal in silencing that platform for candidates like Elizabeth Warren.

FCCS is Founded

FCCS was founded by Dr. Howard Fuller to expand access to public charter schools led by Black and Brown leaders. We launched FCCS in coalition with over 250 Black and Brown leaders from 21 states serving more than 1 million Black and Brown families to amplify the voices of charter school leaders of color.