1,000 GA Scholars from Black-Led Charter Schools Join Elected Leaders for Advocacy Day at the Capitol

Atlanta, GA – Today, a coalition of 1,000 students from charter schools led by Black and Latino school leaders, such as Ivy Prep, International Community Schools, PATH Academy, and Utopian Academy, convened at the State Capitol to spotlight the positive impact their schools have on academic and personal growth.

FCCS coordinated the event in collaboration with Georgia’s elected leaders including Representative Mesha Mainor, Senator Greg Dolezal, Representative Soo Hong, and Representative Matt Reeves who were also in attendance along with Sebastian Barron from the Governor’s Office. 

“Black and Latino-led charter schools, like those represented here today, are increasing access to quality public schools for all students,” said Jay Artis-Wright, Executive Director of FCCS. “We were thrilled to have so many brave students share their charter school stories with elected leaders. As we know, policies and bills passed in this building directly impact 60,000 charter school students across the state. We want more elected leaders – from both sides of the aisle – supporting parents’ ability to choose the schools that work best for their families. That looks like recognizing the substantial positive impact that leaders of color have on students academically, socially, and emotionally. And it underscores the importance of advocating for funding equity and equitable access for families in these schools, emphasizing the need to broaden and finance additional public school options.”

Every student deserves the opportunity to choose a great public school that works best for them, regardless of their background or zip code. Join FCCS in the #FightToChoose schools by us and for us! Tell your legislator to support Black-led charter schools in your state.

GA Charter School Facts:

  • GA charter schools are public, free, and open to all.
  • Charter Schools are built on the belief that students from all backgrounds should have the opportunity to go to a great school that puts their needs first, regardless of zip code, income, color, or ability level.
  • Charter schools must meet the same academic standards that all public schools are required to meet.
  • Over 60,000 students currently attend 90 charter schools across the state.
  • Charter school student demographics:
    • 51.9% African-American
    • 30.0% White
    • 8.9% are Hispanic
    • 4.8% are Two or More Races
    • 4.0% Asian