FCCS Responds to Report on Bias Allegations in the Philadelphia School District

Houston, TX – October 9, 2023 – A report released last week from the Philadelphia School District (PSD) claimed it found no bias against its Black-led charter schools. Despite this finding, the Freedom Coalition for Charter Schools (FCCS) underscored that the report did find several authorizing issues including but not limited to a lack of district transparency, inherent conflicts of interest involving board members and school leaders, and disproportionate closure of Black-led charter schools. Furthermore, FCCS is deeply troubled by the continuation of evaluating and closing Black-led schools, even as the investigation was ongoing.

Education Needs A Radical Middle

Culture wars from the fringes, preaching to their loudest bases, who do not reflect the opinions of the majority of American voters, are co-opting our TV screens and social media […]