Black and Hispanic Swing State Voters Sound the Alarm: Democrats are Not Focused Enough on Improving K-12 Education; Voters Want Policymakers to Offer Families More Public School Options

A new poll shows voters want public school options and agree that education is the key driver of economic empowerment and educational advancement. Join us in supporting legislation to expand access to great Black and Brown-led charter schools. We can’t wait to see you on May 7 in New York to celebrate the legacy of Geoffrey Canada!

New Poll: Voters Want Quality School Options 

Education is key to future economic success, say voters. New DFER polling shows Democrats need to focus on outcomes that prepare kids for future economic mobility. It’s time for a bold vision that includes high-quality school choice options. Explore toplines and how voters connect education & the economy

FCCS Responds to Report on Bias Allegations in the Philadelphia School District

Houston, TX – October 9, 2023 – A report released last week from the Philadelphia School District (PSD) claimed it found no bias against its Black-led charter schools. Despite this finding, the Freedom Coalition for Charter Schools (FCCS) underscored that the report did find several authorizing issues including but not limited to a lack of district transparency, inherent conflicts of interest involving board members and school leaders, and disproportionate closure of Black-led charter schools. Furthermore, FCCS is deeply troubled by the continuation of evaluating and closing Black-led schools, even as the investigation was ongoing.